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Water Bottle With Strap


Item Dimensions W x H:-
Item Width Top:- 7.35 cm
Item Height Base to Top:- 24 cm

780 milli litres,
28 Oz Water Bottle

with time line motivational marker

Included Components:-
1x Water Bottle with Strap Packed in Poly Bag and within 1x Complete Box (Recycled Material Box)

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    Sleek Modern Design: The water bottle with a strap boasts a sleek, modern design, blending style and functionality.

    High-Quality Materials :Crafted from top-quality, BPA-free plastic or stainless steel for lasting durability and safety.

    Versatile Capacity: Available in various sizes, typically 28 ounces, to cater to different hydration needs.

    Reliable Leak-Proof Cap: A reliable leak-proof cap ensures no spills during various activities.

    Convenient Strap: The attached strap offers hands-free convenience, perfect for hiking, biking, and adventures.

    Adjustable and Easy to Clean: It’s adjustable and detachable for easy cleaning, fitting users of all ages.

    Hydration on the Go: Ideal for those on the move – gym, office, or outdoor adventures, the strap keeps you hydrated hassle-free.

    Eco-Friendly Choice: An eco-friendly choice, reducing single-use plastic waste for a sustainable lifestyle.

    Customizable Colors: Customizable with various colors to match your style or brand.

    Versatile Use: Versatile, suitable for water, juices, smoothies, or hot beverages.

    Durable and Hygienic: Easy to clean and dishwasher safe for everyday use.

    Health-Conscious: Health-conscious with no harmful chemicals for you and your family’s safety.

    Affordable and Age-Neutral: An affordable, long-lasting alternative to disposable water bottles suitable for all ages.



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